How to Buy with Visa/Master Cards

Grabbing a deal at is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow the illustrations on this page to get started.

To become a pro in the online deal hunting game, one needs to grasp the basics of buying online. Remember these 7 steps and you will never miss a deal ever.

1. Spot the Big & Squishy 'Buy Now!' Button, hit it!

2. Land upon the Shopping Cart

Just click on 'I want to buy it now!!' to checkout with your Credit/Debit/Cash Card (Visa/Master)

3. Fill in Billing Information (Only once for 1st time users, it will automatically be saved the next purchase)

It will look as below on next purchase, no more typing in billing information.

4. Pick a Payment Method

Payment via Visa/Master Cards
Select the Debit/Credit Card option & Click Continue
Click Place Order

You'll be prompted to enter Name-on-card & e-mail ID to proceed

Review your name and email ID here, and click Confirm

Pick a card type
(Don't worry, the gateway is powered by Baiduri but they accept ALL cards from any bank)

Key in card details, expiry date and security code to proceed.
Depending on what card type you use, you'll see either one of these

Here's a sample of what BIBD does. They text you a pin number that you'll have to key in to proceed.
Other banks such as HSBC, SCB and Baiduri has different procedures. Some requires you to remember a password, etc.

5. You'll be rallied to the Transaction Success Page to make sure your transaction is completed.

The end of checkout journey =)

6. Expect an invoice to storm your inbox within minutes! keep it for records.

7. When deal timer strikes zero. Coupons will be mailed to your inbox within 48-72 hours, ready for print!

That's all you need to know to be a successful deal hunter. Good luck peoples!