Saturday, 13 April 2013

March ain't just any other month at SocialDeal HQ!

March ain't just any other month at SocialDeal HQ.

In commemorating that the SocialDeal idea was born & lives of thousands improved by it, An advanced birthday surprise for our Mr. Founder was carried out on 9th March
(his birthday is 11th March btw!)

Surpriiseeee! Khairi (PHMD), Hajmi (Modasys), Aswana (Musegeek), Deen and Dirah joined forces to celebrate the birthday surprise along with current SD team.

Cake level: SocialDeal 
(that was custom-built for the event, sweet.)

“feels bad to cut the awesome cake..”

Meme card made by San Yeo. 
‘Entrepreneur by day, Super Hiro by night!’


On 12th March, a CEO Series session was organized by UBD. Main guest was our El Padre (the father) of SocialDeal; Hiro himself, and the CEO of PHMD; Ak. Khairi. It was an insight into running an ICT business as young entrepreneur in Brunei Darussalam.

The session was followed by an intense Q&A/quiz session where students get to express their questions and express their passion in the field of entrepreneurship.

Packed with UBD students.

Bowl full of registration forms, thank you all for registering with us!


iCentre, while celebrating their 5th anniversary hosted an Entrepreneurship Festival on 15th March (Friday) to a plethora flock of crowds that the iCentre building was filled with peeps coming in and out!

There were lots to see and do on the day itself, various stalls/booths were there be it food, accessories, clothes and books! Prizes were won, inspirational talks/speeches were given and the good times were rolled!

Ground floor, where the Jenga Challenge is played and the Innovative Photo Competition is held.

Hiro: “How many of you have at least 1 idea in your mind that you feel could be transformed into business opportunities?” 

Peeps: *all hands*

Just outside SocialDeal’s office lays Mamushka Cupcakes’ stall.

And in front of the aforementioned stall lays Enya Bijoux’s booth.

A different floor places different booths/stalls. Some of the booths that were present that day: Ooh La La charms, Cup a cake bakery, Aiha Closet, Artsy Glam, Na forrer, Myiesha Faliha, UBD, Nana Zee, Enya Bijoux, Mamushka Cupcakery, Double L Ink.

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