Monday, 9 April 2012

iPad2 Winner & Lightning Speed

It has been a moment of adrenaline rush & confusion for a lot of SocialDeal members of the past 7 days.

First of all, it was the iPad 2 Giveaway. We apologize for the mass confusion caused to many members who called & and enquired. The e-coupon you received is actually a coupon tracking code that you would use to track the winning list of codes the second day. For those who never got the coupon, chances are that you never used the one cent we gave you at SocialDeal Wallet to join the contest.

Nevertheless, Congratulations to all winners who came and collected their respective prizes last Friday, lets take a look at some of them!

No! they ain't the winners, meet Fion, our lovely new officer at the iCentre & ..the macho guy from MeSixty.
There you go.
Left: Aswana from Modasys Technologies (Our main sponsor)
Middle: Nicolas Ong, the guy who holds the winning code! lucky him!
Right: Deen the Deal Hunter from sD 
One of the 750GB HDD Winners.
If you've caught us on news, you would have read this on Borneo Bulletin last Saturday:


Good news apart, we've had our share of bad news too from the past 7 days. was virtually down for business with extremely high loading time on pages & login/register buttons were inactive during certain moments. 

This gave us all at sD a triple face palm right on the spot. We gathered our bums up immediately & got to work. After countless hours of troubleshooting, debugging, coding with coffee intakes & nasi katoks - we managed to resolve the issues over the weekend & we're back in business!

With today's OhMyCard Deal at 50% OFF, we present you a lightning speed site which guarantees a 5 seconds load on any decent internet connection.

If you have not checked out, you better be now!

Expect hot sizzling deals coming your way this week & throughout the month of April, don't blink!