Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ceremonial June :'s Birth, Swensen's Buffet Deal & In-Car Gadget's Installation

--> It's online, it's big, it's here (sort of). Rising from thousands of lines of codes (and a spark of genius) like an automated phoenix, it's glorious. The SocialBuzz team showcased the prototype concept at CommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore (Marina Bay Sands) recently, and garnered more than 200 beta-subscribers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, among others! Have you subscribed?!

The Gigland is a geo-locational based micro-tasking site where anyone in the world can leverage on their unique locational advantage and talent to micro-outsource a service to anyone across the globe. 

Think you have an edge over Islamic Knowledge? 
Think you have an unfair advantage being able to translate multiple languages back and forth? 

Sell these talents for Dollars via the Gigland starting this December!

--> Register here : to gain the earliest access on homegrown global micro-tasking site The Gigland in December 2013 via an exclusive invitation! 

Follow 'The Gigland' on Facebook right here too:

--> Back to the premier collective buying website of Brunei, SocialDeal.

El Grande (The Great One) : SocialDeal, what you got for us this time huh?
SD : Well, for frequent or non-frequent travelers, here are some eye openers.

EG : ..that it?
SD : we've got plenty of cool stuffs for the ladies, as usual! behold..

EG : Gotta have something more than that ay?
SD : Gah..take this! Photobook Saga comeback & Pre-Raya packages on photoshoot, hair & le Face!

EG : Whoooo, slow it down dude, i get the story here, Anyhoo, how about upcoming stuffs? Anything that we should look forward to?
SD : You gotta be kidding me, it's that season of the year already! look around!

Snap this limited coupon deal @!

Meanwhile back to the studio for a brief explanation on the In-Car Gadget.

In-Car Gadget (Car Bracket) step-by-step on how to use it :

(1) Remove the plastic at the bottom of the car bracket.

(2) Clean the surface (where you want to put the car bracket on) from dusts then proceed to press the bottom of the car bracket as hard as you can (this will allow it to act like a vacuum to suck all the pressure in) and press hard on the knob.

(3) Voila! Use it to hold anything you like!

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