How to Buy for a friend

Having headaches on what the best gift is for your friends on their birthdays? No idea what to get for your girlfriend/boyfriend on anniversaries? Or simply wanting to surprise your family members with great discounts?

You can "Buy it for a friend!" with SocialDeal Brunei! Do check out everyday and expect exciting deals waiting for you! Maybe you don't fancy a Pedicure or Manicure deal, but why not buy it for your girlfriend, your mom, or sisters! Surprise them and pamper them!

"Buying for a friend!" is easy!

Click on "Buy it for a friend!" button

Fill in what is needed. Names, email address and your message!

Then click on "Submit"

It will then lead you to the usual process of checking out. 

Hope SocialDeal BN's "Buy it for a friend!" button enhances your gift-giving experience. Keep your friends, family & loved ones happy all the time with us! =D