Friday, 7 October 2011

With all the hard works and support from our members over the months, SocialDeal BN has made it! SD nabbed the Joint-Merit (2nd prize) Award for BICTA (Brunei ICT Awards) 2011,
-with no grand prize winner this year-

"The Bicta awards were first introduced in 2004 by various government and semi-government agencies to encourage innovation and creativity among individuals, educational institutions, and small to medium enterprises as a spin-off of the Asian Pacific ICT Awards." - Amir Noor, Brunei Times

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Group photo with Minister of Communication, Chairman of BICTA, CEO of AiTi, Judges, Comittee and all the winners for BICTA 2011. Photo from RanoAdidas blog, you can check out his blog post here

Apart from BICTA 2011, SocialDeal BN, with support from iCentre, has recently also participated in 6th Youth Expo which took place at the Multipupose Hall beside National Indoor Stadium.

It was pure honor for SocialDeal BN to be able to give a presentation to His Majesty about!

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