Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November Has Come (Gorillaz), let us cherish the November Rain (Guns N' Roses) and enjoy Sweet November (M.I.A).

SocialBuzz was in the papers! (again) SocialMart was featured 3 times in a month on The Brunei Times. (if you haven't) read through the articles here:

17th Oct 2013 - 

22nd Oct 2013 - 

28th Oct 2013 - 

Holla at your boys bruh bruh, we in here.

A vampiric scheme of public blood donation was held at the iCentre on the 26th of October 2013 (Saturday), Brave souls from SD & SM went downstairs and actually donated! *thumbs up*

                                                                     Ready to give a bag of red lake.

Up and running to give a bag or two.

  "Auntie, you donating blood ah?"  "No lah, making cocktail...Abudenn??"

'I donated blood today. Have you?' 


Let's take a brief look at past deals in November. The Anti-Lost Alarm for kids or anything you'd want to have a close eye on (you ain't going nowhere kiddo). The super-cool Heart Rate Monitor Watch that includes a chest strap. A mini Photo Studio for you to experiment and improve your photographing skills. And of course, a Powerbank deal to keep your gadgets up and running at all times! Check out other deals at SocialDeal's website! And if you haven't, register now for free!

I was young and selfish, i feel like i still am...but the best thing for us is to just quit being selfish, don't quit being young.
- The Broken Poet

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