Friday, 29 June 2012

End of Hair Perm deal + New toy for u tech-savvy fellas!

Hey peeps! Remember there was a Hair Perming and Treatment deal from Lilycut Hair & Beauty Salon in Kiulap for only B$29.9?! For those of you that are curious about the service/missed out on this deal, let’s hear it from our very own Business Executive, Nurul who have just recently gone there to get her haircut done;

“The staffs from LilyCut Hair and Beauty Salon were all so chatty and friendly; they greeted me warmly as soon as I stepped foot into the salon. I’ve been meaning to crop my long hair for a while now and finally got it done at LilyCut Hair & Beauty Salon. The Hairstylist, Laurence totally gave me the look I was looking for and I feel great!”
Laurence the Hairstylist, working on Nurul's hair.

Services included in the salon are as follows (not in the deal itself);
Rebonding - $1.50 per gram
• Digital Perm - $140
• Manicure & Pedicure - $20
• Hair cut - $20 (For Ladies) & $15 (For Men)
• Hair wash - $15
Introducing the trendy & fun team from LilyCut Hair & beauty salon!
If you shall have any issues locating the salon, look up this attractive window display on the building just opposite of the BIBD building in kiulap.

Below's the full address shall you need to Googlemap em' up :)
Lilycut Hair & Beauty Salon
Unit 20, 1st Flr, Blk A,
Bgn Hj Awg Ahmad
Bin Awg Hassan & Anak Anak
Kg Kiulap BE 1518
Contact no.: 2222020
Please call the salon for appointments, if you’ve been itching for a new hairdo for sometime.


This week at SocialDeal, we have two featured great deals from Ten Ten Distribution (B) Sdn Bhd exclusively for you tech-savvy fellas!

B$135 Instead of $199 for HUAWEI IDEOS U8500 Android-Powered Smartphone for Budget
(PAY B$15 online and B$120 at Ten Ten Distribution) - SAVE B$ 64 Overall.

Get this slick-looking touch-screen phone for yourselves to commemorate yet another great invention of phone in this 
technology era! Only available in Black color! Grab one to match with your black gadgets/accessories when you're out and about!


B$36.90 Instead of B$49.00 for 1 MILI Power Miracle Universal Battery Pack For Portable Device 
(Pay B$4.90 online and remaining B$32 at Ten Ten Distribution) - SAVE $12.1 overall!

This universal phone charger is perfect for charging your phones/gadgets whenever they ‘die’ on you unexpectedly during those ‘life-and-death’ situations. Pre-charge this device on your computer via usb cable and tuck em' away in your pockets/bags  to revive em' phones/gadgets later and be assured that you never miss another precious cell-phone moment, ever again! Available in white and bronze colour only. Only 30 coupons available for grabs, so get em’ while stock lasts!

For more details of the deals, please visit our website at!


WEEKEND is here! This calls for some well-deserved rest & relaxation! Have a great one ahead, folks!

Till the next deal!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

30,000+ Network on sD Brunei's Facebook & MOD Thai Food

Greetings peeps! Have you all enjoyed your weekend?
Recently, SocialDeal Brunei's Facebook page reached a landmark of 30,000+ likes!

As a celebration of that, our SocialDeal Team would like to say a big THANKS & "We Like You" back. :)

Earlier last week, the SocialDeal girls had their breakfast at MOD Thasanan Thai Food Restaurant, Kiulap which had been listed in our recent deals. The new girls were pumped about their first 'group outing' and arrived there as early as they can! Here’s what they ordered;

Fried Big Noodles with Chicken | Pad Thai with Prawn

Thai Style Beef Soup Noodles Soup Noodles           

Tom Yam Chicken 

  A group shot of the SocialDeal girls, to remember the moment by.

“Food was great! We enjoyed the fresh air and nice sceneries since we’re seated next to the windows. This is the perfect chill-out place with your buddies/families.” were the feedback from our beautiful SocialDeal girls.

Below’s a full list of the Noodles menu for you food-hungry fellas who have not yet dipped your tongues into Mod Thai Thasanan's delicacies;

  • Thai Style Beef Soup Noodles B$4.5
  • Thai Style Chicken Soup Noodles B$4.5
  • Tom Yam Chicken Soup Noodles B$4.5
  • Yentafo Red Soup Noodles B$5.5
  • Red Soup Seafood Noodles B$5.5
  • Fried Tang Hoon with Seafood B$5 (sD team Recommends)
  • Fried Big Noodles with Chicken B$5
  • ‘Ke Mao’ Thai Fried Noodles B$5
  • Pad Thai with Chicken B$5
  • Wet Fried Crispy Noodles with Seafood B$5
  • Pad Thai with Prawn B$5
  • Fried Yellow Noodles with Chicken B$4.5
  • Kolomee with Wantan B$4.5
  • Fried Mee Hun with Chicken B$5
  • ‘Radna’ Fried Noodles with Chicken Gravy B$5

Visit SocialDeal Team at the iCentre, Anggerek Desa anytime if you need assistance or need help in getting em sD wallets topped up. Find us on the second floor.

While you are here, don’t forget to drop by the newly revamped Kopitiam Cafe just by the ground floor. Our SD team highly recommends you to try the mouth watering ”Hong Kong chicken pie.” J

Want one?
Hmm, em' girls enjoying their slice of chicken pie

Stay tuned on our Facebook page (SocialDeal Brunei) and website at for more great deals coming at you this week!

Cheers and have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May/June's Bridex and Kiulap Expo & Mod Thai Breakfast DEAL!

Good Day, boys and girls!

As you know, we held two expos recently at the Bridex Hall and Kiulap Mall. It's been an exciting and sensational week for us, we've successfully handed out thousands of SocialDeal flyers and got us all 300-400+ newly registered family members with us! Kudos to sD Team.

Meet sD's two new lovely ladies Zie and Dirah!

A mother of four was just in time to purchase 5 Thai breakfast coupons for our very recent delicious Mod Thasanan Thai food deal to enjoy with her children, just before we close off our booth at 10pm on our last day in Kiulap Mall! 

Some infos on the latest Thai Breakfast set deal below:

Situated in a discreet corporate area in Kiulap,
(just behind the SKH building), customers can enjoy a peaceful 
dining experience with their families and friends.

Mouth-watering Thai noodles, quality tea and coffee to kick start 
your dull mornings!

Have you all bought yours yet?
(162 Bought as of writing!)

Visit to find out more details on this deal! (while timer runs!)

Hurry now before the coupons/timer runs out! 

Stay tuned on our Facebook page(SocialDeal Brunei) and website at for more great deals to come this week! Cheers!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Avengers Movie Outing with Team Modasys

Hello peeps, hope you are looking forward to a great weekend! Guess what the SocialDeal Team did last two weekends? Team Modasys sent a pigeon over to sD's office (yeah, the traditional way, with a mini-letter strapped to the pigeon's feet) & dropped an invitation for us to join em' heroes to the Empire Cinema to catch the premier of 'The Avengers' - here are some snaps!

Hero of the 'Mee Goreng' & Thor Spotted

Thor spotted, again.

For those of you who missed the Avengers since the premier, you better get to the cinema soon. Here's the sneak trailer for starters !


As we’re all aware of, there was a HSBC marathon in Bandar just last week. It was also the very same day where our hot “Mook and Jasmine” massage deal got sold out within 48 hours!

We got a crazy hit of 210 buyers shortly after it went live! For those who didn't get it, better luck next time! (merchant limited the coupons at 210x for this deal)

For those of ya who wanna find out more about, drop by Kiulap Mall & look for us near the entrance (not the & Bello Cafe side, the other side!) from now until 3rd June.

We are giving away B$5 Easi Cards to 50 lucky registrants at our booth in Kiulap Mall! Drop by & say Hi!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our sweet deals this week at!