Friday, 7 December 2012

A December to Anticipate! - (Singapore Dollars no more) & a November to remember!

December 2012

A month-ful of DEALs to look out for sD deal reapers, to top it off, we've lived through 'Singapore Dollars & confusing PayPal conversions' for the past year at, it is now time to say goodbye to that and welcome a FULLY Functional Brunei Dollar gateway!

Lookie lookie @ Brunei Dollars all over SocialDeal!

A whole new payment gateway 'Mybillpayment' powered by Standard Chartered Merchant Solutions!
(See that PayPal is gone for good now!)

How it looks like when prompted to enter your name-on-card & e-mail ID.

You'll then be redirected to the payment gateway as per above! Highlighted columns are to be filled:
1. Card No
3. Expiration Date

(Note that SocialDeal never stores your card information, it is processed fully by Mybillpayment gateway & Standard Chartered Merchant Solutions + Secured by Verisign SSL! (Speaking of Holy-Safeness)

This is a receipt e-mail you'll get instead of the usual PayPal receipt =)

Happy Shopping! We hope you enjoy the new gateway with no conversion fees or steps to avoid them whatsoever! Fire away!! =D


November 2012

sD HQ got packed on 21-12-12 with joyful and curious students from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce & Technology peeps!


sD had fun at DST Carnival at the end of Nov 2012.

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