Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Snaps from Times Square Expo and TechXpo!

Hello people! How are you all doing? Still enjoying all the great discounts? =)

 Here are some recent updates!

SocialDeal Brunei held a soft launching in conjunction with Guardian's 20th Anniversary Health & Beauty Expo 2011 at Times Square Shopping Centre in Berakas. (DJ Den, the official emcee signing up with SocialDeal.com.bn at our booth)

SocialDeal's founder was caught and dragged up the stage for a stage interview that later was caught on news. Click here and here for the press release for Brunei Times and Borne Bulletin respectively.

SocialDeal was also one of the 4 incubatee companies from iCentre that took part in TechXpo 2011 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas.

Check here out if you missed out the press release.

 Have you seen these lovely ladies giving out SD's flyers? 


Check out SD's first breakfast deal! Don't know what to eat to kickstart your day? 
Get this deal now, enjoy the discount and good food!

 Check out their menu and wait no more! Click here now!

Friday, 7 October 2011

With all the hard works and support from our members over the months, SocialDeal BN has made it! SD nabbed the Joint-Merit (2nd prize) Award for BICTA (Brunei ICT Awards) 2011,
-with no grand prize winner this year-

"The Bicta awards were first introduced in 2004 by various government and semi-government agencies to encourage innovation and creativity among individuals, educational institutions, and small to medium enterprises as a spin-off of the Asian Pacific ICT Awards." - Amir Noor, Brunei Times

Click here for the full article.

Group photo with Minister of Communication, Chairman of BICTA, CEO of AiTi, Judges, Comittee and all the winners for BICTA 2011. Photo from RanoAdidas blog, you can check out his blog post here

Apart from BICTA 2011, SocialDeal BN, with support from iCentre, has recently also participated in 6th Youth Expo which took place at the Multipupose Hall beside National Indoor Stadium.

It was pure honor for SocialDeal BN to be able to give a presentation to His Majesty about SocialDeal.com.bn!

Have you seen this around? Check out our new leaflets.


Alot happened for the month of September for SocialDeal but we keep the deals coming in for ya, let's check out what's in-line!

Now ain't that a GREAT DEAL? grab them now! Its for unisex! 
Time to get your hair done and be ready for the end of year holidays!
The best part of it? coupon expires on 31st December 2011, 
Get your hair done anytime before that!

Full body scrub at only B$10! Click here to know more! 
Hurry and grab yours now!

Or maybe you'd like a new external HDD? Check this out!

Happy Shopping people! Have a good weekend ahead!

Friday, 23 September 2011

1000+ Members & 1000+ Coupons by SD BN

Celebration, celebration! SocialDeal Brunei today has more than 1000 registered members, sold more than 1000 coupons & most importanly helped Bruneian to saved over BND$17,000!

We are also officially part of BEDB's iCentre now! With the help of the innovation centre, we strive to provide you with the best deals there is in Brunei Darussalam!

Thank you for your support and we hope can continue to bring more new exciting deals and more discounts to you in the future! At the mean time, do check out what are in-store for you!

54% OFF THiNK BIG Innovate Forum!
(B$150 instead of B$325)

55% OFF for Hand & Foot Spa! 
(B$21 instead of B$47)

70% OFF for Manicure and Pedicure with Nail Art
(B$10 instead of B$33)

Hurry! get them if you like them before its too late! :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tony Moly & Other great deals!

There are no ugly people but lazy ones. Always remember to take care of your face/skin/hand and shine them with cosmetics and skincare to look good! So check out the first cosmetics & skincare deal with SocialDeal! for B$35 you get B$65 worth of skincare and make up products at Tony Moly Brunei, Airport Mall!

Also, walk away with a FREE international lifetime membership worth B$200 of purchases too!

Tony Moly Bestseller cute apple lip-gloss!

Time to colour up your nails to match your cloths! 

Find products ranging from hair masks, shampoo, skincare, make-up, foot and hand gels to scrubs and accessories in the store. There is also a make-up room facility at TonyMoly where friendly and experienced staffs will guide buyers on applying the products purchased. A children's playroom where the kids can rest or play as their parents browse through our many products can also be found in the store! Worry not of the little devils breaking stuffs!


For the men, not interested in cosmetics or skincare? We have something for you too! Love your hot rides? Want to wash and shine them too? Check out SocialDeal first car wash deal! For $13 (Large & XL Sized Cars), you get an interior + exterior waterless eco-carwash including polish, 2-wax coating + polymer coating at Rf Slick’s Ecowash, Batu Bersurat (Or simply give them a call for Door to door service in BSB Area, your home, office or parking lot! For no extra charges aside from this deal’s coupon!).

Combined with the use of microfiber cloth, the deep cleaning Rf Slick’s EcoWash is designed to effortlessly remove dirt and grime while bringing back the natural sparkle to your car. One application then seals in the shine, and protects your car's finish for weeks, so you can speed around confident that dirt stays off your property.

Isn't this a great deal!? Grab it now and bring your 'baby' and pamper it with a Ecocar wash! This revolutionary waterless car wash package will not only have your car shining brighter than the moon on a clear night, but will leave the planet smiling too!


Also, check out these other deals too! 

For B$68 you get 120-180mins of Hydro Oxy Peel Facial Treatment worth B$130!

For only B$9, you get a pack of Baby Like Diaper - S74x / M72x / L62x / XL52x (worth B$18-19 at leading supermarkets) fresh from the warehouse!

For B$45, you get a relaxing paraffin manicure and pedicure + foot scrub at Essensuals Beauty Hair & Nail Spa (total worth of B$90)

Happy Shopping!! 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

SD On the Papers! & Happy Raya to Brunei!

Once again, SocialDeal Brunei made it to the papers! The Brunei Times this time round!

Missed out the article on 20th Aug 11 (Pg B2)? You can read it here.

Up to date, SocialDeal Brunei officially saved Bruneians over
BND$12,500+ after 60 Days in operation. More to come for you in the month of September! More Spas, Pedicure and Manicure, entertainment, delicacies and more! Stay Tuned!


The month of Radmadhan is at its end, Raya is here! SocialDeal Brunei Team would like to grab this opportunity to greet our Muslim friends in Brunei and around the world a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

An awesome Ramadhan month at www.SocialDeal.com.bn this month! Check out some of the deals we closed last month. :)

Sungkai Buffets : Break Water @ 53% OFF

Amazing deal : Grazie Mauri @ 70% OFF

Facial Treatment : Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment @ 75% OFF

SPA : FootSpa/Ear Candling/Redung Treatment @ 60% OFF

Sungkai Buffet : FarmBasket @ 50% OFF

Don't you just looooovee all the discounts? =D
More to come!


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You can use Facebook Login as well!

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

SocialDeal Seen on NEWS & Sungkai Craze at 40%-50% OFF!

Look! SocialDeal BN made it to the news. (pg.10, Borneo Bulletin, Saturday 6th August 2011). SocialDeal BN is proud to be known as the 'first of its kind' website in Brunei. With this new way for Bruneians to enjoy cool things of all kinds at 50-90 percents discount, we've managed to save around BND$2500 since SocialDeal BN first launched in July! (40days in operation)

"Since it is usual to try out services prior to their feature,
the team makes sure everything about the to

-be-featured merchant's service is down-to-earth.
unbeatable prices and top-rated merchants, customers will feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new in Brunei."


[photo source]

SocialDeal BN wishes a Happy Ramahdan to all our Muslim friends out there!
Thinking of where to break your fast? With Ramadhan Specials, SocialDeal BN is going to feature numerous great dine-in places for you, your family & friends for Sungkai dinner at 40-90% OFF!

Recently, we featured Grazie Mauri's all-you-can-eat buffet at $7 instead of $13.90! Limited to 30 coupons and they ran out at the speed of light!

Missed it out? Worry not, we still have this on air!

40% OFF B$18 for B$30 worth of mouth-watering delicacies at SorRiso Restaurant & Pizzeria, Regent Square, Kiulap! Do check them out now!


Apart from food, do you wanna get a new haircut for upcoming Raya? Tame your frizzies and split ends today. Be a trend forerunner for this coming Raya Celebration with your unique hairdo! Check out this deal: for B$6, you get a stylish professional haircut inclusive wash, blow and a hair wax-setup for men. (Ladies do not get a wash and blow but eligible for ANY hair-length)

Which hair style do you prefer for RAYA? :D Get the deal now and get em' styled!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2222 fans cracked! 22 giveaways for professional raya haircut!

Congratulations to Ernest Chong & Nur Amal Hafizah Hj Mohd Yunus for winning the last two CINEPLEX Movie Vouchers! Please do collect the vouchers this coming friday from our office at: Block A, Unit 6, First Floor, Jalan Batu Bersurat, BE3519, Bandar Seri Begawan

This marks the end of our Movie Voucher Giveaways! Thanks for participating!


2222 fans cracked! Thanks for the mad sharing by our fans on facebook page!
As promised, we are giving out 22 FREE deals for professional haircut at Vision Illusions, Gadong.

How to win this?

Here we will need your help.
1) Simply go to http://socialdeal.com.bn and click on the 50% OFF Professional Haircut DEAL from Vision Illusions.

2) Click on the 'Share this deal on FB' or 'Share' Button on facebook.

3) Write anything you like! Make sure it is catchy and your friends notice it!
For eg: tell your friends why you love SocialDeal Brunei or WHY they must check us out.
(It helps in cracking the 80buyers needed for your FREE haircut!)

4) Facebook Inbox us "SocialDeal BruneiTeam" the link to your post. make sure you add us as friends too! We will pick the 22 most creative shares and announce the winners on Thursday (11th August 2011) And you win yourselves a FREE professional haircut for this coming RAYA Celebration! That simple!

Hurry and Share NOW! (remember to inbox us the link to your post/wall and add us as friends so we can view ur wall)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

An avid music lover? you must love a 50% cut for music lessons!

Winners Lim Ai Chien and Siti Erna Mohd Lajim gets to walkaway with FREE Movie Voucher worth B$8 from CINEPLEX MALL when Mrs Lee and Ket Ho (Last week's winners) drew from the list of all buyers from SocialDeal.com.bn! *pictures unavailable this time around, chills*

Good Luck for next week! buy anything from SocialDeal and stand a chance to get drawn by Lim Ai Chien and Siti Erna to be the last two winners of the movie vouchers!


Have you always wanted to play like him on a crystallized piano and perform the chopin themes so wonderfully that his name "Jay Chou" echoes around the earth?

One of the latest deals feature half off piano, guitar, vocal and keyboard lessons at DM Virtuoso Music School. If you are a fan of P2F singers and wonder how they sound so awesome on stage, then you found the right place, the official vocal coach for P2F concerts run this music school!

The singers owe Del Mar (DM Virtuoso Music School's owner) their success in the performances on stage during the concerts!

Fine Tune your vocals or grasp the art of strumming guitars at 50% discounts off beginner classes now. Remember, we need 30 peeps to be on board!

Spread the news now peeps!