Saturday, 30 July 2011

An avid music lover? you must love a 50% cut for music lessons!

Winners Lim Ai Chien and Siti Erna Mohd Lajim gets to walkaway with FREE Movie Voucher worth B$8 from CINEPLEX MALL when Mrs Lee and Ket Ho (Last week's winners) drew from the list of all buyers from! *pictures unavailable this time around, chills*

Good Luck for next week! buy anything from SocialDeal and stand a chance to get drawn by Lim Ai Chien and Siti Erna to be the last two winners of the movie vouchers!


Have you always wanted to play like him on a crystallized piano and perform the chopin themes so wonderfully that his name "Jay Chou" echoes around the earth?

One of the latest deals feature half off piano, guitar, vocal and keyboard lessons at DM Virtuoso Music School. If you are a fan of P2F singers and wonder how they sound so awesome on stage, then you found the right place, the official vocal coach for P2F concerts run this music school!

The singers owe Del Mar (DM Virtuoso Music School's owner) their success in the performances on stage during the concerts!

Fine Tune your vocals or grasp the art of strumming guitars at 50% discounts off beginner classes now. Remember, we need 30 peeps to be on board!

Spread the news now peeps!

Friday, 22 July 2011

AnakBrunei's lucky pick & whopping 40% Off Aromatherapy body massage!

AnakBrunei drew upon Ket Ho (apologize for the type, shudnt have been Kent) today at SocialDeal's HQ in batu bersurat.

*Updated 23th July 2011: Jane Wong, last week's winner, drew upon Mrs Lee who purchased 2x hairwash deal from SocialDeal last week!

Once again, congrats to the two latest winners, please collect your prize from our office next friday, 29th July from our office: Block A, Unit 6, First Floor. Jalan Batu Bersurat, BE3519. Bandar Seri Begawan,

The next lucky pick will be on 29th July by Jane Wong & Mrs Lee. Buy something from SocialDeal now to stand a chance to visit CINEPLEX Mall for FREE!


Tired of being stuck pins and needles during working hours? Before quitting your job as an official pincushion, why not try the magical touch of human coupled with scented aroma oils.

Refresh and revitalize your body today with SocialDeal's latest offer. Enjoy a 90Mins Aromatherapy body massage for only B$27 instead of B$45 at Kang Comfortzone, Batu Bersurat (it's a whopping 40% OFF)

14 More buyers needed to unlock the sizzling hot DEAL and 9+ days to go as of this posting!
No Soul wud wanna miss this sizzling hot DEAL ! Share madly now!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tiger Lim's define & Game of balls and sticks

Brunei's No.1 Broken English Blogger, Mr. Tiger Lim gave a try in defining SocialDeal!
If you need help in understanding us in broken english, you should definitely seek help from his blog! Click on image to drop by his blog and learn more about us now!

Mr TaiGer shot to fame when he shot videos and blogged in broken english while keeping the readers actually aware of the points he was trying to convey. Surely you'll find his attempt in defining SocialDeal exhilarating but yet simply understandable!


When was the last time you held a stick and tried to poke balls painted with numbers into rounded holes.

You might remember the last time you tried it out and ended up not being able to put a few balls into the sack. Probably you remember such expression as yourself almost snapping the cue-stick into two:

and frowned: "dang, i wish i had more time for another game" or sorts. The extra B$7-8 must have been quite a pain in the - to pull out, especially when you are hangry! better save it for dinner you thought...

Fret not with this week's SocialDeal - 50% off 2 hours of pool/snooker + 2 cups of heaven and earth soft drinks to cool you down from temper-rising. All at B$7 only. (Worth B$14)

You'd have enough time and painkiller drinks to pull of the game in your best state!
(Alternatively, you'd have enough time to pick up that chick/hunk you dated to the pool table and enough drinks to share too!)


Friday, 15 July 2011

Reeda Malik & Jane Wong for the win!

The sisters Mr.Rano drew as movie voucher winners last few days drew Mr.AnakBrunei and Jane Wong as the latest winners today!


The MilkTea Deal from Teabox MALL closed today with 80 cups sold!

All Buyers (or friends you've bought the deal for) will receive an e-coupon that looks like this!
The important thing on the coupon are the ID and Coupon Codes.

You HAVE to print this coupon to redeem deals from merchants, if merchants allows redemption without having to printout, we will state it at fine prints, otherwise, the general rule is that printout is compulsory!



What about the FREE Nasi Ayam Kunyit Deals!?


Worry not, we have a list of winners in line and they are:

1) Jasmine Koh + Crystal Tang
2) Nurafiqah Sabry + Tajul Ismail
3) Joyce Wong + Cally Lee

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy the date with your friend. SocialDeal is all about experiencing cool things to see, do and taste in Brunei with friends and at a great bargain!

*Important: You and your friend has to be registered with us @ SocialDeal to receive the prize. Please email us you and your friend's email used at - mail to
Remember to check your JUNK/SPAM for our reply and mark us as safe/add to contacts

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Giving away BND $ 9 x 3 simply because we feel like it!

Guess What?

SocialDeal is giving away FREE deals, AGAIN! we simply love giving em, dats why.
This time, we're bringing one of your friends along with you too!
"I'm all set and ready, how am I winning it?" you may ask.

Simply Share our Nasi Ayam Kunyit + Pure Fresh Fruit Juice/Slush Deal (B$4.5 for B$9 worth) at facebook and tag 6 of your best friends to stand a chance in winning this! How much easier can this thing go?

Step 1: Go to our FB Page (pls like the page too!)
Find the 'share' button on Ayam Kunyit Deal

Step 2:
Tag 6 of your closest friends, choose wisely, one of em babes/hunks is goin on a date with you, for FREEE!
(Remember to set the share to 'Everyone')

Click on the Share Photo and we're done!!
(3 Winners and 3 of their random partners will walk away with the FREE Deal!)

Tip: Be creative with the sharing text. for eg:
"@friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @friend4 @friend5 @friend6 - Who'd like to go on a date with me? is giving out 2 free coupons! Voice out now!"

It will be announced on Friday 6pm who the winners are. =D
2 extra lucky movie ticket winners are going to be announced about the same time!


Monday, 11 July 2011

SocialDeal Draw br Mr.Ranoadidas

Update: Rano pulled out 'Nurafiqah Sabry' & NurulHuda binti Hj Sabri' from the list of buyers! Congratulations to the sisters, please do collect your ticket vouchers this coming friday, 15th July and draw the next two winners for us! =D

Bought a deal from us? You must be wondering how the CINEPLEX movie ticket voucher (worth B$ 8) draw actually works! To be fair, we'll invite Mr.Ranoadidas over TODAY afternoon (12th July 2011) and draw 2 lucky winners for us. Those two lucky winners will in turn draw another 2 at our office when they collect their prizes this coming friday!

Basically meaning if you buy NOW, you stand a chance in winning the movie ticket later, next week, or the next week after. Remember, we have 10 of em' to give out! Don't miss TRANSFORMERS 3!!

Excited about what we have in store for our upcoming deals over the month? Check out tomorrow and don't forget to "Like" our Facebook page here and get instant updates! We always have something interesting going on there and we give out deals like crazy but you gotta be fast!

Also, subscribe to us to receive instant newsletter when a new deal goes live!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Teabox MALL & The new era of gifts giving

SocialDeal Brunei has officially launched! Join us today to discover a whole new way of shopping online. We are here to revolutionize online shopping experience, bringing in 'cool' and 'awesome' deals every week, expect some crazy deals over the month with!


Hot hot hot! Feel as if the sun is about to set you ablaze? especially with how hot and dry it is in Brunei these days. "Hide ye in the Mall and drink we shall" - says your best friend. None can resist such statements, some icy drinks has to go down the throats.

Get your hands on a cup of cool Milk Tea/Freezy Juicwith your choice of Pearl, Q-jelly or Nata de Coco at only $1 with SocialDeal! Check us out now!

Wait no more! head to SocialDeal Brunei and get your cup of MilkTea now! :D Don't forget to share with your friends about this great deal! Or you can even buy a cup or two for your friends! Simply click on "Buy it for a friend!" button! it's the new era of gifts giving!

-Teabox Cafe The MALL with its neon glowing seats-

Oh yea! and the good news! Buy a deal from SD now and stand a chance to win a movie ticket voucher from The Mall Cineplex over the month!

Catch the latest blockbusters! Paul, Green Lantern and of course, how can we ever forget Transformers! So hurry, be the lucky one!

Wonder how 'The Draw' actually works? read back soon!