Friday, 11 October 2013

Moving Over To October. Break Out Of Your Rut-ine (routine) with SocialDeal and SocialMart!

On a Bruneian-hot and warm-hearted Tuesday (24-9-2013), the SD office staged a surprise (relatively small yet joyous) birthday celebration for Rachel, our assistant manager. And also Deena's belated birthday. Pizzas were devoured, a yam cake was split among us and good times were rolled!

Fun fact: birthday parties at a startup are some of the most exciting ones to have!

Yam-full cake.

Good food.

Passing out the cakes.

The crowd. (and Sub Zero)

Our admin, Kemuda attachment students (Dillah and Mu'ein) posing for a photo.

Some of the most awesome deals last month includes a Portable Rice Cooker, a Stackable ShoeRack, an RF Facial at DeStress & a Mani Pedi session at Almost@Paradise! 

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On behalf of SocialMart, we would like to inform that deliveries for Tutong and Seria/KB area is now open! *Surcharges : B$3 for Tutong area and B$6 for Seria/KB area* 

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Till next time peeps!