Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hari Raya 2013 : Keep it quiet on the hostility & keep peace in your vicinity (Selamat Hari Raya from us at SocialDeal!)

Hello, It's me again (your friendly copywriter at sD) giving in to your reading pleasure this August 2013 =)

To start it off, we at SocialDeal would like to wish everyone a good holiday and a joyful Hari Raya! Throughout the past year, we'd like to offer our sincerest apology for any mishaps or for any conversations that we might have misspoken in.

Before that we'd like to share a wonderful news from the team!

We were on the papers, again! (Front page headlines for both BB & BT simultaneously!)

Link to press release on Saturday (3rd Aug 2013)


Last week, one of our company's product 'The Gigland' got shortlisted to the Top90 quarterfinalist at the GIST Tech-I Competition, an initiative led by the U.S Department of State & CRDF Global that promotes entrepreneurship, scientific & technical collaboration in 54 countries across the Middle East, Turkey, Asia and Africa.

We've become the first company ever from Brunei (Oh yea~) to get shortlisted with our technology & 2minutes video on how 'The Gigland' works, and we need your help to advance further! We need your support to vote for us into the next level where 30 Final Teams will gather in Kuala Lumpur for Grand Award. It will also open up a wealth of opportunities for a young Bruneian company like us in terms of mentorship, coaching & networking with US based professionals shall we make it to that round.

We'd like to invite YOU to view the video first hand and if you like the idea, cast a vote (or multiples!) to help Brunei make a global footprint! 

Link to our profile entry & video is here: 
The voting period is 1st Aug – 22nd Aug 2013. 
(Click to thumbs up button to vote, able to vote multiple times too!)**

Finally, We thank you for the awesome support!! 


As per usual, we'll proceed with events going on around the company. Bella's (Our ex-sweet admin & customer service expert) Farewell party at SD HQ on 9th of July, SocialDeal's Campus Tour at Polytechnic on 3rd of August (Saturday) and an introduction to a one-of-its-kind scalp/haircare centre that's all natural in Brunei!

Bella's farewell party was held at SocialDeal HQ on the 9th of July after work hours, good food and good company is all we've gotta say (We love sD for that). Miss Bella will be pursuing her studies at an undisclosed educational institution for the next couple of years and we at SD wishes her all the best! Thank you for all your support and hard work!

Good Company

 Good food.

Nurul (our ex-Business Development Executive) was also present to join us! Also in attendance, our new Energetic Business Development Executive - Malik (no pictures for now!) and 4 new, young & bright interns from Kemuda Institute (my alma mater) - Adilah, Ammar, Mu'ien & Syahrun.

She was touched to beyond tears     

In conjunction with the Scalp/Haircare deal from Scalp Trichocare Hairspa, we would like to showcase their all natural & non-chemical hair care/scalp care treatments that are available. Give them a visit at their outlet at Gadong Central today!  

Make sure you don't miss their Awesome DEAL here:
The deal is already Activated with enough buyers!

You can follow & 'Like' them on their Facebook page right here : Scalp Trichocare Hairspa

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