Sunday, 21 September 2014

Hall of Fame at SD.

Coming to the end of September 2014, 

Dillah (left) and Muien (right) served SD for more than a year and are stepping out of SocialDeal to further their studies.

If you have been an avid sD Shopper, they come across for many as being very helpful, friendly and informative towards others.

Supposed to be a candid shot. (-.-)"
Endless food and great bonding time is a tradition at SD
and some balloons too.

Mixed feelings*

SD Team wishes good luck to them and may their endeavors be a success!
We won't say goodbye, but we'll say Au Revoir, literally, it means till i See you again!

Till next!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Welcome May! 


April has truly been a awesome month at SocialBuzz, despite Deen's departure from the team after countless contribution under marketing & sales. The crew threw a farewell party! and a whole lot of selfies!


Ain the cake-lady

*A snap with Hiro* :P

Let's Feast, 

But first, lets take a selfie =D

*Actually got abit dizzy posting em pics....

-Peace out-


Missed some deals this month? Here's a recap!


Ramadhan is coming soon, stay tuned & be sure to check our special Ramadhan deals this year!

Till next time.


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Saturday, 12 April 2014

1000 sq ft!

Once upon a time, our ex-240 sq ft mini office housed 8-10 sD monkeys. We looked something like this throughout early 2012 to late 2013. (Well..only during party hours with the mess, although customers might just suddenly barge in, it does happen you know.)

And so, we thought to ourselves..ain't it about time for a major expansion. An increase in manpower & activities in recent months called for an increase in size of the office.

One fine afternoon, we sat and watched as customers poured in via the stairs to our 2nd floor office and patiently waited outside our office. We decided to bring that experience to the next level. 

By the next day, we secured a 1000 sq ft, vacant office on the 1st floor of BEDB iCentre Building. We were immediately put to work in migrating to the new office. Customer now have 1 floor less to climb & more leisure space to stretch while waiting for their purchase / redemption to be processed.

Muein (below) with his hyper-active personality was particularly stressed with new placements and furniture movings from old SocialBuzz office to the new office.

Meet Hj Adib (right, below), the latest to join the crew. sD d2d buyers are gonna see him more often soon!

The new office is pretty secretive at the moment, but looks something like the below. Take a peek!

A striking feature for customers coming up to the whole new office, is the cozy black sofa & coffee table to chill on. 

Have you had the chance to pop by yet? Every day, we get new faces storming up into the office enquiring stuffs ranging from registration, purchase, redemption, delivery, payment, products, and the list goes on endlessly. 

Our customer service division strives to solve all mysteries & questions in shopping with us at - if you haven't been here, we urge you to stop by & say hi! We look forward to see you soon! =D

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year from SocialDeal! (Marching on to February)

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi! The year of the horse is both energetic and full of success, you should be too! 

*Update: We are back to work! Spam us on Facebook or Whatsapp now!

Cool Label of us by iCentre Management =D

Peeps who saw this view last these two weeks, thumbs up!

Peeps who saw this view last two weeks, double thumbs up!!


On 21th January, a typical Tuesday, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Laila Setia Dato Seri Setia Awg Hj Abdul Rahman Bin Hj Ibrahim, Minister of Finance II at the Prime Minister's Office made a visit to iCentre. And guess what, SocialBuzz Office was one of the picks!

Ammar, our logistics & inventory executive at SocialMart, terrified by the news~

Hiro: "Okay bring it on, I'm ready"

 And it actually went pretty well!

Pehin taking a glance on the wall of fame. 
(probably the last time we'll see em' on display, psstt, something cooking up at our office, stay tuned!)

An honor for SocialBuzz to have PEHIN leaving entertained & happy =))


SocialDeal/SocialMart was one of the showcasing companies at Yayasan BSB for FTTH Showcase by TelBru from 24th January until 26th January 2014

Meet Muein, he is a superman! we should probably just call him supermuein.
Fending off hundreds of new customers like he's playing some kind zombie killing game.
(he sure enjoyed it! if you met us through an expo in 2013-2014, chances are you've probably met him)


Meanwhile, some products went totally wild at and after polling by via a massive aftermath of user requests. We've decided to let you in on some confidentials here.

We're gone re-feature some of the stuffs below in a very near future, so if you missed out those (ALL TOTALLY SOLD OUT) earlier, make sure you keep yourselves subscribed! Ain't cool if you miss them again!



January 2014 also marked an important milestone for us at SocialDeal as we stormed through B$1million worth of savings for all members! The Press caught wind of this and here's what happened..


Thats what we said when they asked how much we want to save for 2014!
(*evil laugh*)


End of January also marks the end of one of our longtime copywriter at SocialDeal. Beloved Faiz will be leaving SD for further studies at an un-discloseable higher institution in BSB. Fret not, he'll always be part of us! Once our copywriter, forever our copywriter!

Here are some wiser words he left us prior the departure:

"I think sometimes we're just confused and scared of getting out of our routine/comfort zone, but maybe there's something better when we step out of the normalcy that we're used to. Maybe we aren't meant to fit in with the rest. Maybe we're meant to stand out from the rest. "

For whatever it means, we stole a snap of him. Best we could do..

Till next post peeps!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014, Here we come

Let's all join hands and welcome the year 2014 with a smile on our face and a joyful spirit. We hope this new year brings joys to your life alongside the financial savings and joys we're bringing to you!

Cruising through the past year, we've seen countless awesome deals. Whether you realize or not, the first working day of 2014 marks the day we hit B$1,000,000 savings for Bruneians!

If you've saved with us, you're awesome.


If you've not tried SocialDeal, (which you should've by now) below are few deals for you to steal away before the timer runs out!

A session of back body treatment at Madam Oiselle Studio for only B$19.90 instead of B$88. (6 more days to buy this deal. *from the moment this blog uploaded*)

  A session of face slimming/reshaping + eyebrow trim at M-Image (for male & female) for B$18.80 instead of B$45. (7 more days to buy this deal. *from the moment this blog uploaded*)

  A session of haircare package at Trichocare Hairspa for B$48 instead of B$128. (6 more days to buy this deal. *from the moment this blog uploaded*)

  A set of 6-piece kitchen utensils for B$24.90 instead of B$51.90. (6 more days to buy this deal. *from the moment this blog uploaded*) 

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