Friday, 20 January 2012

Three Exhibitions, Two Radio Interviews & One Live interview on RTB Rampai Pagi in 14 days - Impossibru?!!

Consumer Fair 9 ICC Expo, BruXpo The Mall, UBD Book & IT Fair, Pilihan Fm (95.9) Live Radio Interview , Pelangi Fm (91.4) Recorded Interview, RTB Rampai Pagi Live Interview.

We've done it all within 14 days! January 2012 has been much hectic in sD's HQ so far! Kudos if you have seen the SocialDeal team in any of these happenings in January!

Our famous Business Development Executive - Deen in action at CF9
Siti Mutiah & the 'human train' stunt at CF9
The full team for BruXpo + CF9
Deen shuffled out at least 55,000 sD flyers on the last day of CF9 (J/K!)

 It was quite a stunt for sD to move from BruXpo Mall to ICC CF9 concurrently & later on take on UBD's first ever expo - the Books & IT Fair.

That did not end sD's tight schedule, founder Hiro & Biz Dev Deen was kidnapped & put on RTB 1's Rampai Pagi for offering too much AWESOME DEALS throughout the months. We had a hard time calming em' presenters down in digging out to-be-featured 50-90% DEALS!

Hiro pleading guilty to bringing too much awesome deals to the Public, LOLs!
Yesterday, DJ Frankie from Pilihan FM 95.9 kidnapped us to RTB again for a live 8am interview.
(One of the two cars parked at the private parking was sD's, the other one was Wu Chun's Lamborghini!)

p/s: Pelangi Fm 91.4's interview has not been released yet, stay tuned to the radio to catch it soon!

On the same day we popped our eyes enjoying the view of Wu Chun's Lambo, a bunch of to-be under/postgraduates popped by sD's office at iCentre, Anggerek Desa for a visit. We showed them around & asked:"Anyone heard of the SocialDeal?" Guess what they said?

*(earlier on we heard a few shrieking "SOCIALDEAL!!!" from the stairs before they came up)
.....What's with the durians?
Yes! you've heard about it, The EAT ALL YOU CAN Durian Buffet deal that went viral with more than 100+ SHARES last week!

Good news is, you haven't miss this yet, really. There is ONE more session on 26th Jan (6-9pm) & Merchant is opening it up for 60 more peeps! Check it out now @!

Till the next time, Brunei!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 & sD's public exhibition in January!

It has been an exciting journey throughout the last 6 months of 2011 with Bruneians in journeying across the nation in trying out cool new activies at 50-90% OFF usual prices. What is more rewarding than kicking back and enjoying great new things in life everyweek at deep discounts right?

sD saved over BND$75,000 for Bruneians through 2755 Coupons Sold. Kudos if you are part of the statistics, we love you!

Some of the greatest deals closed for sD peeps came in December 2011

Users might find the layout platform slightly updated on sD receiving support from iCentre, BEDB & being awarded Brunei ICT Awards 2011's 2nd Prize last year. We finally will start official incubation in iCentre on Research & Development to bring you more features & greater deals! Don't be surprised to find major upgrades on soon!

We are giving out an iPad2 & many other amazing prizes in March 2012. All you have to do is 'Register & Subscribe' with us @ for FREE & wait for the game in March! Don't miss out on this peeps!


 The Consumer Fair, Part 9 will be happening from 4th to 8th January 2012. Find sD team there & tonnes of great deals meant for CF9 period!

At the same time, from 5th - 8th January 2012, The Mall Gadong will come to see a whole new style & layout of exhibition compared ot previous experiences. Spot sD team there TOO! & find tonnes of great deals.

Finally, We wish Brunei a Happy New Year for 2012! Cheers!