Friday, 25 January 2013

sD Office Kick-starts 2013 with a bang!

Remember our deal with Poni Divers?

SocialDeal along with other companies (Modasys Technologies, PHMD & Cubebox Solutions) had our fun at Poni Divers Serasa Beach on Sunday 20th of January. There was Banana Boat, Flyfish, barbequing among other things! No better way to spend a weekend!

Getting ready to set sail for the watersports. (early victims!)

Tom Cruise-ing on the Banana Boat!

Azim, from PHMD. *ain't nobody got time for this*

BARBECUING! Wings, lambs, sausages, yummy yum yum!

SocialDeal Business Executive Yasmie (middle) 
with Zalifah Aswana from Modasys/Musegeeks Technologies (right) killing stress before her IGNITE Finals presentation closing on her 48hours later

The King of Cubebox Solutions (by the way yes he is called King, which makes sense really)

Ikan Terbang, did i tickle a funny bone with that one? No.....? Okay...Fly-fish session.

The laydees of SocialDeal. Heeeyyy sexy laadyyy~ op op op op Poni Divers style~


On the 17th of January, a Thursday, SocialDeal popped by the Business School in Gadong to share inspiring cool stuffs with 200+ students as well as give useful advice and tips shall they decide to venture on to an entrepreneurship track in their career.

ZIE doing her gig (apparently she's famous there)

Business students listening tentatively to the talk

Mr. Founder presenting the students with Bracelet Pendrives, courtesy of iCentre, BEDB.
No worries, no tables were flipped during the process.

"With Brunei having more than 80 per cent internet penetration and more than 60 per cent social network penetration, students can easily set up their own online businesses with the right tools to test out their ideas overnight."   - Hiro Tien, founder of ,quoted from The Brunei Times (21 January 2013).



Come 23rd January 2013, SocialBuzz nabbed home the Grand Prize at Think Big Ignite 2012 at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Indera Samudra Hall.

Check the news out here, there & there...

Brunei Times:

Borneo Bulletin:

BT Video:

  Presenting the mock cheque for the Grand Prize on stage from the guest of honor, Yang Berhormat Pehin Datu Singamanteri Kolonel (B) Dato Seri Setia (Dr.) Awang Haji Mohammad Yasmin Bin Haji Umar, Minister of Energy at Prime Minister's Office.

Hordes of crowd gushing to SocialBuzz Showcase
 More Crowd..
The boss of the crowd, Pehin Yasmin visiting SocialBuzz Showcase after presenting the prestigious award

 Pehin seems pretty hyped up upon learning about, the on-going venture behind SocialBuzz!
 Students eager to learn more about the enterprise.

A Celebratory 'makan-makan' was done right after the event.
Lunch at Shinobu Times Square *thumbs up!!*

Spot Aswana, founder of Musegeeks Technologies (2nd place winner at the Ignite 2012)

 Corn-lover Business Executive Yasmie

 Ehem... manis~ (sorry boss lol)

Hiro checked this post: "this is so not right.."

It was gooodddddd~ (spicy on my part, tau sudah sakit leher, so smart of me right? -_-) we ate the Chicken Set no.1 with Hot & Spicy Soup, Chicken Soup & Chinese Herbal Soup.

I am Faiz by the way, the copywriter.
Till next post!

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